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Originally Posted by nj swb View Post
Hello Autophix, welcome to the forum.

In the Mitsubishi world, most functions beyond standard OBDII stuff requires a Mitsubishi MUT-3, or something compatible.

There are a range of MUT-3 clones that (anecdotally) may or may not work, and a variety of other devices that fall between the basic OBDII device and the genuine MUT-3 (in terms of what they can and cannot do).

With this in mind, can you recommend a model from your range that will do more for our typical Mitsubishi-owning forum member than the ubiquitous code scanner / monitor?

I suspect this is originally a US based item - over there OBD2 is mandatory from 96 or so on.

here and the rest of the world Pajero's only went OBD2 on NP3.8's and newer (NS diesel I believe was the diesel change over) Prior to that its all Mutt protocol and no OBD2 scanner works.

Unless this is a scanner like big foxconn or snapon that support OBD1 (proprietry protocols) units it is probably only OBD2 compliant and as such will only work on the newer vehicles.
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