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Default Winter in Victoria

I bought my Paj. Sport in order to expand my flyfishing opportunities - I call it the 'Trout Truck'.

As someone who enjoys flyfishing in particular, I find it unfortunate that there has been nothing here since August 2019.

Just to 'freshen' it up a tiny amount, if you were contemplating pursuing some trout in Victoria, now that the river season has closed, you could do worse than visit Moorabool Reservoir, Newlyn Reservoir or Hepburn Lagoon - you'll find them East and North-east of Ballarat. I do have to warn though, it becomes very, very cool these winter mornings - in reality, more than a little icy at times.

Post Script . . . have just heard there has recently been a spate of car 'break-ins' on the Western side of Moorabool Reservoir. A good place to stay away from, methinks. I certainly will be - staying away that is. Can't have the new 'Trout Truck' vandalised in such a manner.

Probably needs a vigilante group out there to provide some encouragement to not do such things. It's unfortunate to observe that, these days, our community appears to have 'low-lifes' on every street corner. *sigh* Too many parents failing to provide their children with proper (decent) standards.
Paj. Sport Exceed MY2019 - 'Genuine' Tow Bar / Boo's Bash Plates / SS Hoops on an Ironman Bull Bar with Recovery Points / 7" 48W LED Driving Lights / Western Filters/Provent 200 Catch Can / at 3,400km, its first pin-stripes - *he winces*

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