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Originally Posted by Markcas_65 View Post
265 65 17

Ok,since you want to stay with a standard diameter tyre, you tow heavy, most of your travels are on the bitumen but a little off bitumen and beach work, and you are thinking of a LT construction tyre.

Yokohama GO15- light duty passenger tyre with mild AT tread pattern. Suggest this is too light for your application.

Falken AT3W, Mild AT tread pattern and available in both P265/65R17 116Xl (extra load)
or LT265/65/R17 120 10 ply. Either of these would do the job but the LT is the stronger tyre. I have not heard or read any really bad reports on them.

Pirrelli ATR these have a fantastic reputation as a mild AT and are used by many forum members. They were replaced last year by the AT Plus which has a more aggressive tread pattern but at the moment they are only available in a passenger construction 112 load index, so I believe these will be too light for you.

Hankook ATM RF10, in a LT265/65R17 117 8ply, mild AT tread pattern seem to have a good reputation for a mid priced tyre. Will fit your requirements.currently on special, 4 tyre's $827 online!

Bridgestone D697 LT265/65R17 116 8ply, mild tread pattern AT, good reports about wet weather performance but soft sidewalls and shoulders so not so good once you leave good dirt roads. Will fit your requirements.

Toyo AT3, LT265/6517 120 10ply a mild AT tread pattern with a strong carcass. Popular tyre as this is a strong tyre and good value particularly when on special. Will fit your requirements.

Mickey Thompson AT38, this tyre replaced the old ATZ 5 rib which had a great reputation as a mild AT tread pattern with a strong carcass. LT265/65R17 120 10ply this is a strong tyre. Will fit your requirements.

Cooper AT3LT, Cooper has many variants of the AT3 so you need to be careful which one you consider. The AT3LT in a LT265/65R17 120 10ply is a very strong tyre and has a good reputation from those that use them. Will fit your requirements. No other brand of tyre is so polarized, some people hate them, others love them, I do not understand why. My brother has been running these on his very heavily laden work utes since 2011, he does about 60,000kms a year and will not use any other tyre.

Best to keep all 5 tyre's the same and rotate the spare through regularly. No point having a spare that has full tread and is age hardened!
I buy 5 tyre's and rotate spare after 40,000 kms so when I replace the set of tyre's there is a tyre that is about half worn, this tyre becomes the spare for the next set of tyre's and is introduced in to the rotation when the new tyre's have done 40,000kms. So I use 9 tyre's over 140,000-150,000 kms. I change tyres when they have between 3mm and 5 mm total tread depth as by this time they are 3.5 to 4 years old, have got noisy and hard and are more likely to fail when touring. The theoretical value of the 3-5mm tread is less than the excess on comprehensive insurance and you are more likely to not be able to stop or lose control of the vehicle in an emergency situation if you have worn tyre's!

This time around I fitted an internal TPMS, prices have come down a lot so for $208 a 5 tyre unit is good insurance. It only has to save you from ruining even a half worn tyre by early detection of pressure lose and it has paid for itself. If it prevents a blow out and subsequent rollover or accident it could save lives and be the best $200 you have every spent.

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