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Originally Posted by 2007_pajero View Post
Thank you for feedback. Cleaning radiator and new air filter does help.Getting it re gas would be next week task.
I forgot to mention the Pollen Filter (behind glovebox) - is that the one you mean by "air filter" or the engine's air filter? If not already done, the pollen filter is worth checking, particularly if the interior fan isn't pushing much air through (some people have discovered dealers not changing them annually despite being included in the Capped Price Service Schedule).
I just noticed you have a 3yo NW (I was thinking 10yo NS), so it would be very unusual for it to be low on gas so soon unless it has been damaged. I don't know if these have a "sight glass" any more to check it yourself? Being a 3yo, I assume it is still under warranty, so perhaps ask the dealer as any repairs would be warranty (unless damaged)?
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