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Plez 16-09-18 12:47 PM

4wd supa centre browns plains sale
Browns plains 4wd supa centre is having their 1 year bday sale atm. Just came back from there got a twin piston compressor and recovery pack for 180.
They’re open until 4 today. A bit late notice but if you’re in the area you may be able to get there in time.

Lots of things heavily discounted.

denmonkey 17-09-18 04:36 PM

bought the shop did we :)

Plez 17-09-18 05:49 PM

I walked in for a browse and nearly came out with 800 dollars worth of stuff. If it weren't for the missus I might've been filing for bankruptcy right now lmao

marcthelegend 17-09-18 08:42 PM

Those twin compressors are simply incredible, we go out with some friends who don't own a compressor, each tyre takes roughly 1-2 minutes to inflate at the moment and it handles the 8 tyres with absolutely no trouble at all, can highly recommend them to anyone considering an upgrade.

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