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DT6061 21-02-20 07:27 PM

Shower Tent Tray
We are heading to the Big Red Bash at Birdsville. The event/camping is held on an organic cattle station and NO grey water is allowed on the ground.
So I am looking for a light, compact and affordable solution to capture grey water in a pop up shower tent. Would probably need to capture only say 5 litres per shower - to limit water use and make it easy to empty captured into a bucket to be carried to the approved grey water dump point.
Any ideas to help keep the ladies happy and men not so smelly over a 4 day stay??

Herman4x4 21-02-20 07:42 PM

Could you get a small inflatable kiddie pool or something like that which can then be emptied into a bucket?
Baby wipes are good for a quick freshen up too.
We have used then web away for a few days and they did well.
Dry shampoo for the hair for those that have it and want to wash it.

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old Jack 21-02-20 07:47 PM

Not sure of pricing but something like this?

or this,


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