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tommyb10 06-02-20 01:45 PM

Transmission breather
Looking for any advice/tips on fitting a diff breather kit to my challenger. 2011 PB, 4x4 Auto, no lockers

Recently went through a large puddle and had the trans suck in a few liters of water (oil was coming out of the seals). As a result had to have the transmission replaced.

Looking at this kit from Air on Board (have purchased a few items from them before):

Main questions are:
1. Is a 3 way breather with a Y splitter for the trans/TC a good idea vs a 4 way?
2. Are the included fittings compatible with the mitsi valves?
3. How hard is it to fit a breather kit? I've heard the valve on the top of the trans is difficult to get to (haven't had a look yet as car is still in the shop).


Marek 26-03-20 04:49 PM

Sorry to hear about your issues Tommy. I recently bought a PB Challenger 2012 model and I was also looking to find out whether or not breather extensions are required on the gearbox and transfer case.

Based on what you have said, it would appear that breathers are definitely required if deeper water crossings are to be attempted.

Does anyone else know where the auto gearbox & transfer case breathers are located?

HERE is a link to the service manual for these cars online (it's been posted here before). I found some diagrams but I'm still not 100% clear. I might take the centre console out and have a look this weekend to see if I can access the breathers from the top.

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