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denmonkey 06-05-18 11:03 AM

Ridge Ryder Ultimate air compressor
Sup yo,

I grabbed a ridge ryder ultimate compressor on sale from Super cheap a few days ago.
Still on til 13/5/18 by the way. Down from 265 to 168, so bargain.

came 3rd in the Undealed 4x4 review here
I think it may have been done last year, so reasonably current.
They give it a good wrap and that's at a retail price of 299, so at 168 its a ripper deal.

I've done the usual anderson plug chop and am part way through making a remote control box for it. Just need to grab some extra parts today and it's done...and hopefully works.

If you're considering one, here's the video review and a comparison to my old outgoing ebay double pumper special cheers Brett

LoraMoser 20-03-20 02:56 PM

I have been using one for a few years now & love it.
However, there are a lot of these around with another brand name with the only difference being the colour & badge.
Keep away from the curly hose ones though as when the pump gets hot they melt.

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