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Alex_86 18-05-19 09:20 AM

Squealing when accelerating
Hi all,
I have a 2001 nm 3.5 auto exceed which has just started having a squealing noise (almost ball bearing sounding) at times when accelerating. It’s coming from the engine bay but won’t make the noise when the car is in park with the bonnet up so it only seems to happen when the engine is “under load”.
I have already replaced the idler pulley as it had a bit of play in it but no change to the noise. I did notice the tensioner pulley bouncing around a bit as the engine is running so that might be the next thing I change.
Any tips or advice would be much appreciated
Thanks in advance

BruceandBobbi 18-05-19 11:12 AM

Most likely a belt slipping or damaged if its persistent.

Our DiD does that on rare occasions when accelerating from stop. Not enough to warrant any action.

You could try one of these.

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