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dizmona 15-05-19 07:45 AM

Help Pls - strange noise coming from under bonnet
I have a 2007 3.2l pajero, done just over 200,000km, for the past year or so I have had a strange noise coming from under the bonnet, sounds like a purging air noise or similar, does not affect drive quality, no limp mode, no loss of power etc. I had the inlet manifold and other areas of motor cleaned out a little while ago however this did not affect the noise. It is not turbo noise, I need some pointers if anyone has any, thanks Simon

_jp_ 15-05-19 09:00 AM

Under what conditions is the noise generated?

Any chance of you recording it on your phone and uploading it?

dizmona 15-05-19 09:18 AM

JP, the frustrating thing is that it is not constant, it is intermittent and no consistency when it happens. I will certainly try to record it. cheers

sharkcaver 15-05-19 10:39 AM

Check your intercooler hose hasn't parted ways with the intercooler. A reasonably common problem.

dizmona 15-05-19 12:00 PM

Thanks Shark, will do.

dizmona 16-05-19 07:25 AM

Gday Shark I have tried to upload file however the system is saying invalid file it is a m4a sound file from iphone, can I email you directly?

dizmona 16-05-19 11:34 AM

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Shark, the noise file has now been uploaded

sharkcaver 16-05-19 12:15 PM

Dunno. Sounds like you have a chook in there.

nstarrengower 16-05-19 02:27 PM

hi, i have the exact same noise, happens a few times when cold, on the first few brake applications, very rare to hear it after the first 10 minutes of driving, is it the ABS sensor ??, cheers, NSTARRENGOWER,,,,3.8l vrx ns 2007

dizmona 16-05-19 02:53 PM

Interesting this noise happens also when I am not on the brakes so I am not sure that this is the problem, but I have no idea

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