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craka 28-06-19 12:32 PM

Changing of wheel size, same rubber but LT
Yep sorry another tyre thread.

Before I forget to mention this is for a gen4 swb, so 16inch will fit.

Something I've been umming and arrrring about for a while, almost did it last time but had to get new rubber for rego and didn't have a 5th wheel.

I have 4 16inch NP factory alloys, still yet to get a 5th, but I'm wondering if someone is able advise whether I am going to have a increase in fuel consumption if I drop from 18inch passenger AT tyres to 16inch LT tyres.

I undertand if I was going from same size passsenger to same size LT tyres or would due to the increase weight of the same rolling diameter.

I'm considering going from 265/60/r18 Dynapro RF10 ATM currently on it, and are happy with them but they are only passenger construction. So would be looking with replacing with the same tyre but an LT 265/70/r16.

old Jack 28-06-19 01:20 PM

Hi Craka,

I love my 16 rims!
a 265/70-16 is the same overall diameter than the factory diameter of 777mm so this will not effect your gear or fuel economy.
Going from an Passenger construction tyre to a heavier Light Truck construction tyre will consume more fuel as you have increased the rolling mass, however since you are not changing tread pattern or overall diameter then the loss will be minimal.


craka 28-06-19 03:21 PM

Sweet, that is good to know.

Another thing I'm not sure about and a bit off topic from the origin of this thread, is whether the factory wheel nuts for the 18s are suitable to use on the 16inch NP alloys.

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