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GHendo 21-06-19 11:50 PM

Replacing electric seats
Iím having trouble with the electric motor in the driverís seat and I was thinking of scrapping the whole two front seats and replacing them with manual adjust ones from a GLS, which Iíd get upholstered in leather Ė the existing ones needs reupholstering anyway.

Does anyone know if the seats from a GLS NP (or maybe NM etc) will bolt straight into the NP Exceed.


craka 22-06-19 11:09 AM

I don't know how much the seats change from the NP to the NS, but I love the amount of control on the electric drivers seat, the only thing I find with the NS seats is they were made too wide and not figure hugging like the gen2 seats.

GHendo 22-06-19 11:31 AM

Yeah, the electric seats are great, except that when the electric motor stuffs up you canít move them forward or back Ė thus, the wife canít drive the vehicle as the seat is too far back. Iíve had a chap fix the motor before but he said it is a bugger of a thing Ė very flimsy and difficulty to work on. To get a new one, you have to buy a whole seat frame from MM and that costs more than the vehicle is worth !!

My previous vehicle was a GLS and I had no issues with the seats in it, hence I thought Iíd fix the problem once and for all and replace the seats with manual ones. $165 for a pair of GLS seats and around $1,800 to upholster them in leather Ė the old ones need reupholstering anyway, so as far as I can see, this is the best option.

Just about everyone Iíve spoken to said they canít see MM changing the floor pattern for the different type of seat, so I reckon I should be good to go.


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