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Talisker 09-07-19 04:14 PM

Instructions on Coolant flush
I have been searching for instructions on a coolant flush primarily where the bleed/flush bungs/bolts are I have looked at some older instructions for the 3.2 DiD but it aint the same as my 2014 NW. Does anyone have any good instructions I have no idea what brand of coolant I have and it needs to be changed so I need to do a thorough flush. Many thanks for the help

Muzza 09-07-19 08:33 PM

I used the radiator drain plug, as well as disconnecting the 2 coolant lines under the drivers side near the transmission, I used 10psi and blew air thru until all coolant was removed, filled wth water and repeated until no colour in the coolant, then drained and refilled with the blue 8 year nylon product

Talisker 10-07-19 08:40 AM

Thanks Muzza did you remove the thermostat so you could flush water completely thru the engine?

_jp_ 10-07-19 10:07 AM

There is a drain plug on the block behind the alternator.

Also, if you have rear AC, you might find it easier to remove the coolant lines near the rear and flush that section separately.

erad 10-07-19 02:18 PM

There seems to be a lot of work associated with changing coolant. People seem to want to flush the whole system until they have pure water, then put in new coolant. I can see the reason for doing this with different types of coolant eg the older models red coolant change to the newer green or blue. I was told that the green and blue coolants are interchangeable, the only difference being the longer service life of the blue stuff. If this is true, it would seem unnecessary to fully flush out the whole system. Can anyone confirm this?

Talisker 10-07-19 05:28 PM

I have done a lot of research and its apparent that the dye in coolant does not dictate the type of coolant so unless you know what you have its difficult to know what to top it up with. If you mix different coolants together they sure can make a mess. I ended up being able to flush mine by disconnecting hoses and as I am flushing with rain water I am not too worried about the residual rainwater left in the block, I have a hoist but couldn't find the drain plug. Maybe I am blind :-).

Pity they dont put a bleed valve in the system as these sure make them easier to bleed but still can be done. Job now done for hopefully 7 years.

Muzza 10-07-19 07:54 PM


Originally Posted by Talisker (Post 611621)
Thanks Muzza did you remove the thermostat so you could flush water completely thru the engine?

No, used compressair and blew through the heater lines and kept flushing until all was clear.

11T.Co 11-07-19 04:53 PM

The following instructions may be useful to someone: Coolant change instructions

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