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Garc 03-07-19 02:21 PM

Whatís this Front Suspension
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Hi, this bit is sloppy and I think making a noise but I donít know what itís called. Itís on pass side (only) of front suspension and clearly is some sort of sensor link mounted onto the frame but with a drop link to the arm. Iíve searched Partsouq but canít see it there.

ckwan028 03-07-19 02:30 PM

Looks like hid self leveling sensor

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Seigried 03-07-19 02:40 PM

Yup thats what it is

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Garc 03-07-19 03:01 PM

Brilliant, thanks. Never thought of that.

Garc 03-07-19 03:35 PM

Farrrrr out. $503 from partsouq but not avail and $723 from Mitsi Motors!!!

Off to the wreckers.

ironrock 03-07-19 06:36 PM

This is what brings the auto headlamp leveller icon on my dash at times - it comes on its own stays for some time and then go away - especially on bad winding roads.

Anything from a maintenance perspective that I shud be doing to make this less erratic.

aussieintas 03-07-19 06:47 PM

For info there is also the same set up at the rear on passenger side.

Garc, when you say its sloppy which part? Is it the sensor part itself or the armature/balljoint part?

Garc 04-07-19 10:36 AM

The sloppy bit is the shaft going into the body of the sensor mounted on the frame. Might be a loose bush there or the shaft itself,
Anyway Iíve bought a replacement whole unit (mounting plate, sensor, and drop link) from China (Kowze) for $150 incl shipping. Now the nervous wait to see if it arrives!

Garc 10-07-19 05:15 PM

RESULT! Part arrived today (1 week from ordering) and fitted perfectly. Has SOLVED the quiet knock from going over very small bumps such as joins in the bitumen. Iíve been chasing that for months! The shaft on the old sensor was worn and moved up and down rather than rotating.

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