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nj swb 12-08-13 10:07 PM

My NT Platinum

I'm posting this from a motel room in Cobar, half way home after buying a Pajero in Brisbane. This is part sharing of info for anybody interested, and part recording my thoughts...

I bought my NT from a forum member - details can be found here. Dealing with Paul during the purchase was a real pleasure, and he even filled the tanks for me - that's both of them, about 170 litres of diesel thrown into the deal. Where do you find service like that these days?

As my Paj looked on the Friday afternoon:

After sealing the deal, I spent the weekend in Brisbane catching up with friends and re-visiting old haunts, and also bought a set (5 seats) of sheepskin seat covers from another forum member.

First impressions were good (duh! - I bought it!) and it was good to drive around town - despite needing a little time to become accustomed to the turbo lag when trying to merge into a gap in traffic. Turning circle is better than my NJ shorty, and I'm still not making the most of the reversing camera. I struggled to learn the MMCS navigation too, but a large part of that was carbon based error.

This morning was the beginning of the long drive back to Adelaide. The run out to Warwick was uneventful (if you discount innumerable road works), and I was very happy with the ease with which the DID pulled up Cunningham's. Average fuel consumption went from 11.7 at the bottom to 12.1 at the top.

I topped up the tanks in Warwick, and headed for the border at Goondiwindi. Through Queensland, cruising on a GPS 103 km/h, indicated consumption dropped to 11.3 - then I hit NSW, where cruising speed ramped to an indicated 120 (GPS 113) in the 110 zones. At the end of the day, average consumption was indicated at 12.0. Somewhere along the way I stopped and took these photos:

Highway performance is good, if a little noisy. But I can live with it. Overtaking, even up hills, is easy - I'll need to be careful.

I can't live with MMCS as it is. Bluetooth performance with my phone (Sony Xperia Z) is woeful. At cruising speeds, volume is simply inadequate, even with everything maxed anywhere I could find a volume adjustment. Insult to injury, it doesn't stream music, and it's not even a multi-stack CD player. I need to change this.

I suspect the front is under-damped (it gets a little "floaty" at times), and the cruise control occasionally surges/oscillates when the torque converter unlocks. Below 2k rpm, it unlocks very easily - I know this will get worse with larger tyres, but I want larger tyres anyway.

The driving lights are a nice addition, and should be even better when aligned down the road - at the moment, they illuminate tree tops very nicely.

That's enough for now - doing this on a 7 inch tablet is driving me crazy!

Goodsy 12-08-13 11:18 PM

That is way to clean for you.:lol9[1]:

Nice PJ mate. Nice. :cool:

Goodsy 12-08-13 11:23 PM

Now as soon as you get it home spend more money on it. You're luck with you're purchase. Mine was stock!

Another post I know but. What a steal.:clap2[1]:

Aussie_Dan 12-08-13 11:27 PM

Nice buy.... Bullbar, LRA tank, snorkel, spotties and a winch.
Looks like a great setup already!
Cheers, Dan.

Pickle 13-08-13 05:17 AM

Love that Paj Scott, :drive[1]:.

nj swb 13-08-13 06:18 AM


Originally Posted by Goodsy (Post 311804)
That is way to clean for you.:lol9[1]:

Nice PJ mate. Nice. :cool:

Thanks Goodsy - it won't stay that clean for long. It should meet the Flinders next month, so it needs new tyres before then. TPMS? My poor bank balance...


Originally Posted by Aussie_Dan (Post 311809)
Nice buy.... Bullbar, LRA tank, snorkel, spotties and a winch.
Looks like a great setup already!
Cheers, Dan.

You missed my favourite bit: Air Lockers front & rear. :)


Originally Posted by Pickle (Post 311828)
Love that Paj Scott, :drive[1]:.

Thanks Dave - look out for it in the High Country next January. :drive[1]:

nj swb 13-08-13 06:26 PM

Home! :)

960 km in 10.5 hours elapsed time. Didn't take any photos today. :dunno[1]:

Left Cobar a little after 7am local time, with full tanks and a hot coffee. Cruising at 113 on the GPS, economy slowly ramped down to an indicated 11.2 l/100km, then the wind sprang up. For the next 6 hours or so I had a partial head wind, which saw economy slowly ramp up to an average of 13.2 l/100km. Mid afternoon, the Barrier Highway started heading south, which meant a partial tail wind saw the economy start to ramp down again. Then I started hitting all the little towns along the way, and the speed limit dropped to 100km/h, so economy ramped down to an average 12.6l/100km by the time I hit Gawler (a bit over 900km for the day to that point).

From Gawler, I hit the hills which saw the economy ramp back up again - but I was impressed by the way the Paj handled the twisty roads. Very little trouble maintaining the speed limit, and it handles sweepers much better than I expected.

I traversed a little bit of dirt, and proved that the traction control works. As does low range, and the front and rear lockers. :D The last couple of km was coasting down hill, so finished the day on an indicated average of 12.6 l/100km over 960 km.

Just as the speedometer over-reads, so does the odometer and the fuel computer.

Comparing against the OziExplorer odometer, an Ozi measured 800km was recorded by the Paj as 821km on Monday, and 822km on Tuesday - a little over 2.5% high, which matched a check against one of those 5km speedo check facilities yesterday. Once I fit larger tyres, the odometer will be a little low.

When I filled up in Cobar this morning, with 959km on the trip meter, I could only squeeze 105 litres into the tanks - correcting for the odometer error, that's a genuine average of 11.1 litres/100km, not the 12.0 reported by the Paj. :beer[1]:

The headwind today made the torque converter unlock a lot more regularly, and the Paj shudders just before it does. Watching the tachometer approaching a rise, the car shudders several times (feels like the engine is mis-firing?) before the revs rise from 2200 to 2500. Something is not right - I'm hoping there's an outstanding software upgrade that can help this.

I've decided I'll take the TPMS out of my shorty to install in this one - will make purchasing the new tyres a little less painful. I also need a better solution for running power to all the geek toys I want on the dash, and I need a spot to mount the car PC & touch screen. Then there's a fridge slide to be installed (if the fridge fits the space in the storage system), and the fun starts trying to figure out how to pack everything for a trip away next month.

Somewhere along the way, I need to find time to go to work - to pay for all this. :lol9[1]:

nj swb 18-08-13 10:38 PM

I organised for a mate (Pete) to help me take both my Pajeros out, to find somewhere to take a few photos of them together.

The weather wasn't real good, but we managed to find a reasonable spot to park them side by side.

I thought the NT was the large one...

I'm gonna miss my shorty. :(

Pickle 19-08-13 06:41 AM

Look on the bright side Scott. Room for Pete's guitar now!

Gus 19-08-13 08:31 AM

Nice Scott.. great pic of the 2 together

nj swb ? nt lwb :nana[1]:

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