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stevedart 13-01-20 09:50 AM

NS 08 Snorkel
Hi all, I'm looking install a snorkel in my 08 NS diesel, (possibly a safari).
I'm currently visiting Bendigo for awhile (birth of a grandchild) & would love some local assistance as to where to purchase & perhaps have someone install it.
I'm a tradie & have some tools with me but I have no facilities to utilise as we are travelling a bit. (We are involved in pet / house sitting)



BruceandBobbi 13-01-20 11:32 AM

Choice of two really besides the E bay cheapies mate. Safari or Airteck. They both do the same job.

Safari requires the blinker on the mud guard to be moved. Airteck doesn't.

pharb 13-01-20 04:59 PM

Safari travels full length of inner guard and enters airbox at front, meaning washer bottle has to be removed.
Kit includes a little 1L washer bottle to fit .......somewhere.

TJM enters rear of airbox so only impinges a little on the washer bottle. They also supply a tiny replacement washer bottle., but a number posters on here have managed to just cut corner out of original washer bottle to miss snorkle, thus maintaining a decent capacity washer reservoir.

stevedart 16-01-20 02:22 PM

NS 08 Snorkel
Thanks to Bruce and Bobbi & pharb for your replies.

It would appear that the TJM product may well be the one to research a tad more.

I'll keep moving on this one..shortly !

I'm in Bendigo atm as my first grand-child was born yesterday. A grand-daughter
called Leah I'm a tad distracted right now !!:beer[1]::):clap2[1]:



aussieintas 16-01-20 05:59 PM

Hey Steve

First up congrats on the grand child, I have 3 and love it:beer[1]:

I have the Airtec snorkel on my 08 NS swb and very happy with it. I fitted it myself and did the cut of the original washer bottle as pharb mentions. Others have just fitted the supplied washer bottle with no issues, it is smaller but plenty big enough I believe.

I purchased the snorkel direct from TJM and it comes with the fitting instructions. I cant remember exactly what tools are required but you will need a hole saw (size will be mentioned ininstructions), i used a step drill bit for the holes need for the mounting bolts in the wing. That said a normal drill bit would do. Decent drill required along with some normal tools.

Below is a link to thread of install submitted by another member.

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