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85L200Express 12-01-20 02:39 PM

Handbrake Movement Scraping On Rotor
I did the rear rotors and pads, on the passenger side I forgot to release the handbrake when trying to take the rotor off. I eventually remembered and then took it off and replaced the rotor.

Now there is a scraping sound from that rotor and the handbrake assembly rocks easily left to right and one shoe slides back and forth. I can't seem to tighten it and get it to stay in place and it keeps rubbing on the rotor now.

The drivers side is fine.

Any advice? Or do I need to replace the entire hand brake kit on that side?

I've got no prior experience with handbrake adjustment etc...

Mike DiD 13-01-20 02:47 PM

One of the springs that lifts pad off the drum may have become dislodged.

85L200Express 20-01-20 11:34 PM

I've taken it all apart, re-tensioned the clips that keep the holdings pins in place. It seems to sit a lot better, but the scraping noise is still present.

85L200Express 21-01-20 09:38 PM

I think it's the shoe grinding on the inside of the rotor. I'm going to try and adjust the hand brake.

85L200Express 23-01-20 08:10 PM

I've noticed a bit of glazing on the top of the rear side shoe and silver dust from the new rotor. I adjusted the handbrake only on the passenger side and it seemed to fix it until I made a right turn and then the scraping returned... :curse5[1]:

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