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4x4Enthusiast 10-01-20 09:47 PM

Tow Pro Elite Functionality
I have a tow pro elite installed and it worked fine. I did some work recently (installed light bar) and now I think there is something wring with the electronic brake system.

WITHOUT a trailer hitched to the vehicle I can't see any light showing at the controller button of the EBS that is installed in the dash next to the steering wheel. I saw the light when I was installing the on/off push button of the light bar next to the controller button of the EBS.

I tested for power of the EBS at the andersen plug at the back of the vehicle (where the trailer connect) and it is fine. I used one of those testers where the light comes on if the clamp is on earth and the pin is on the +ve.

Do I need to worry about anything?

Is the light of the controller button supposed to be showing when no trailer is connected. According to the user manual of the Tow Pro the auto calibration light is supposed to be visible even if no trailer is connected.

When installing the light bar I did disconnect the wire of the toe pro on the battery terminal. Should the EBS be reset in some way once the wires were disconnected?


2bad4u 11-01-20 12:07 AM

Once it is calibrated then you will only see a light with a trailer connected.

Also, if it is connected to your Anderson plug your wiring is incorrect. It should be to pin 5 on your trailer plug.

Pajshomoneroguntero 11-01-20 02:34 PM

As above. Press the towpro control button and it should give one blue pulse.

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