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RUGGA 02-02-17 05:09 PM

USB charger
Does anyone know if there is a USB charger/socket that fits a merit plug :dunno[1]:

aussieintas 02-02-17 06:07 PM

I just googled merit plug to usb and found them.....few on ebay also.

RUGGA 02-02-17 06:16 PM

Umm, can you share a link?

Kingbrown 02-02-17 06:35 PM

See if this works:

Dicko1 02-02-17 06:51 PM


Originally Posted by Kingbrown (Post 535653)

$ off eh?

aussieintas 02-02-17 07:33 PM

Jaycar have usb sockets and merit plugs for around $7 each.....bit of cable and make your own.

Old Paj 02-02-17 07:56 PM

Jaycar also have ciggie lighter to merit and visa versa conversion plugs/leads for a few dollars. Get one of them and use existing components that you have.

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