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gas55 08-10-19 08:53 PM

Had a 2001 Prado which was second-hand and came fitted with an electronic rust prevention device. That car went to Fraser Island many times and to beaches all over Aus. in 2007.
Had a new windscreen fitted in 2012 with not a sign of rust.
That device is now in my NW Pajero, still going 18 years later with no rust ANYWHERE.
I'm convinced!
Greg. :drive[1]:

Ashman 09-10-19 08:32 PM

I saw a Roothy video a while back, the best action is to get under there and coat everything in lanolin or something similar.

averhamme 30-10-19 10:14 PM

Where is the time my car looked so pristine !
Now 480.000 still going strong, few rusty places but dirty +++++ :-)

farcanal 31-10-19 09:10 AM

Rare to see body rust on any modern car.
I remember back in the late 70's Holdens, Falcons and Valiants seemed to rust in the body at some stage.
Anything out of Japan just didn't rust back then and certainly extremely rare now.

darcy123 30-11-19 12:07 AM

I dont wanna prolong your agony, I can refer you to an EXPERT.

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