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Bladerunner99 16-01-20 11:31 AM

Pajero Sport Catch Can Quandary
I have owned my PS for 12 months now (from new). Yesterday I had peek at the vent hose from the cam cover to turbo and was amazed at the amount of oil residue coating the inside of the tube.

Having researched as much as possible and read countless reviews (mostly from people who sell them) etc, I am contemplating the fitment of a catch can but would like to reach out to forum members with technical knowledge in this area , with a few questions.

1) Does the turbo rely on the oil residue from the breather to form any additional lubrication function at all.
2) What is the difference between a catch can and an oil separater.

3) Does anyone know what Mitsubishi's take is on the fitment of a catch can.
4) If a catch can prevents major carbon build up by removing oil residue that is otherwise mixed with the EGR, then why does the manufacturer not install the device.

It is my intention to keep this vehicle for some considerable time and I want to make sure it is well maintained and serves me well.

Any advice is appreciated.

Bladerunner99 16-01-20 11:41 AM

Posted in wrong location
Apologies Admin, I posted in wrong location. :(

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