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Marcopolo 02-10-14 09:04 PM

snorkel mounting
Hi guys, I've been toying with the idea of making my own snorkel out of 3" stainless pipe and i have a few questions

1) can anyone suggest a method of attaching the pipe to the guard and the a pillar (ie bracket design)
2) I have seen a similar setup like this

this build requires the removal of the radio aerial.
If I was to use this method, how exactly would I relocate the aerial.


kreyzgym 02-10-14 09:12 PM

I reckon stainless snorkels have the potential to look rather nasty.. but that's my opinion. The poly ones on eBay aren't exactly expensive and their quality is just as good as a silicone joined stainless setup. If you choose to do a fully welded/bent stainless setup then I'll assume you have some knowledge of welding. In which case weld on a stand off clip styled bracket.

Relocation of the aerial isn't too hard. I purchased a bullbar mounted aerial and ran mine to the bullbar. Since I got a new bullbar with only one hole (which is occupied by my UHF aerial) I have recently made myself an under bonnet bracket that bolts to one of the quarter panel bolts in the engine bay. It's a Z shaped bracket that sits out of the way of the bonnet when it is opening.

Blue Paj 02-10-14 09:15 PM

Just buy a snorkel off ebay

i paid $114 for this and its looks pretty good havent installed it yet

Moonchook 02-10-14 10:01 PM

Me and the better half made one along these lines for her pathfinder as there is little available off the shelf for the r50.

Used nutserts to attach the brackets to the snorkel and a pillar, you just need to bend up a shape that positions the snorkel correctly but use steel thick enough so that its durable.

Peter Ts 17-01-18 06:52 AM


Originally Posted by Blue Paj (Post 395606)
Just buy a snorkel off ebay

i paid $114 for this and its looks pretty good havent installed it yet

Thanks for that, just ordered one!

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