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woffleon 13-08-19 10:49 AM

Drive shaft lube
Can any one count more than 5 grease nipples on the the front and back shafts. My thinking is there would be 6 ......4 unis and 2 splines........ Has one of mine fallen out ??

And is there any more on steering gear or ball joints..... Service manual is non specific
Thanks in advance

JohnFromPerth 14-08-19 12:26 PM

You raise a good point here.
My PS has done 20,000km. I took a look at the drive shafts and universal joints and I can see no evidence that they were greased at the 15,000km service. No reassuring grease around the nipples or excess grease squeezed out of the seals.
Checking back on the service docket, I can find no mention of driveshaft sliding spline or universal joint lubrication mentioned on the long checklist of items supposedly serviced.
I intend to raise this with the service department of the dealership at the next service. Meanwhile I will put a grease gun to them myself. Many people assume all components are 'greased for life' these days.

From a quick look, it appears that there is a grease nipple on the sliding spline of the front driveshaft, but no nipples on either universal joints that I could find.
The universal joints on the rear driveshaft have grease nipples, but no grease nipple on the rear sliding spline that I could see, but maybe I need to look closer.

Where are the grease nipples on your PS?


woffleon 14-08-19 05:15 PM

Hi john thanks for your rep!y..... Whell I defiantly only have 5 and no mechanic has looked at them let alone greased them.......I'm starting to take this personally.

Should have been done 30k and 60k. Front spline has one but not rear???? Can't feel a hole where it may have fallen out. I dont think I'm a nipple short of a shaft but if you confirm this too then how is it lubricated?

I had a 60series land cruiser that flogged out the front spline from lack of lube.
Not a believer in "sealed for life" replaced too many 62 series bearings to testify. I just love to see them oozing grease from the dust cover ....messy but reassuring
Not all drive shafts have a lube point here and all passenger cars don't also it may be problematic for tailshaft balancing so unlike the front it may not have one.
Can't see anything else to justify the handbook "Lubricate suspension arm, steering linkage and propeller shafts with grease" quote

ron.dunn 14-08-19 06:19 PM


Originally Posted by woffleon (Post 613978)
I dont think I'm a nipple short of a shaft

You never know, these days ... (but that's the funniest line I've read all day)

JohnFromPerth 15-08-19 11:32 AM

Hi Woffleon

The service Schedule for the 17MY PS lists lubrication (grease) - "suspension arm, steering linkage,and propeller shafts"

Can I just confirm.
Your PS has grease nipples on both front universal joints and the front sliding spline.
Grease nipples on both rear universal joints, but not on the rear sliding spline.

On quick inspection and just feeling around I could not find grease nipples on the front uni joints.
Nor could I find a grease nipple on the rear sliding spline.
I will check mine again as I intend getting under and pumping some grease.

My PS is a December 2017 manufacture. Sometimes component suppliers change over time so grease nipples may change with different component manufacturers.


JohnFromPerth 15-08-19 03:16 PM

Hi Woffleon

Just spent some time under my PS.

You are right. There are only 5 grease nipples.
One on each universal joint and one on the front tailshaft sliding spline.
No grease nipple on the rear tailshft spline.
I was caught out by the front universals. The grease nipple is not in the spider but on the side of one of the U's.

No sign of any grease nipples on any of the steering gear or front suspension. 'Sealed for life' which means they are sealed until they wear out.

Anyway greased all, and will take up the issue at the dealership next service.


Gregmj 29-05-20 09:29 PM

I am yet to hear of anyone that has actually had these grease points greased at any service.
Mine have not been touched at any service up to 75000ks, and were only done then when I complained.

DibbyDibbyDJ 30-05-20 12:49 PM

The UJ nipples should be greased at every service, the sliding one needs probably only 1 pump every service, and a little more after removing the shaft.

nvll.mrrs 23-06-20 10:19 PM

Thanks for the warning I will keep an eye on this when my service occures later this year.

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