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hinsch 07-10-19 01:51 PM

Door trim removal
A question for the forum, how do you get the silver door trim off, the bit that surrounds the window switches, this is on a NX.
I thought it would be a simple pull up and slide to remove, if it is the trim is very hard to move.
I had tried trim removal tools with no luck but I don't really want to damage the plastic with a screwdriver or similar.
I was going to re-paint these trims as the original silver has worn off due to knees rubbing when you are driving.

aussieintas 07-10-19 04:32 PM

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You can clip out the actual window switch section but the outer section that surrounds it has 2 screws that can only be l oicated omce the whole door card is removed. Part 8 in pic below.

Below is link to Pajero tech manual found on this forum. Very useful and worth saving as a bookmark. Found in the Do It Yourself Projects, sticky DIY Bibles.

aussieintas 07-10-19 04:33 PM

Sorry forgot to link tech manual.

dreamerman 07-10-19 09:32 PM


Originally Posted by aussieintas (Post 617760)
Sorry forgot to link tech manual.

I am trying to download all the manuals on this site, wish me luck.

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