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supazuk 24-12-14 06:11 AM

Boat rego/ license
I am going to NSW next week to visit the in laws and am thinking about taking
my boat and trying to catch some bass. The issue I have is we don't have boat
registration or boat licensing where I live and don't have a nsw address so can't get nsw rego.

Does anyone know what the liabilities are with not having rego?

Boat is a tournament style punt with 100hp outboard and full off shore safety
equipment. Am I likely to get stopped in northern nsw rivers?

Toddyh 24-12-14 06:52 AM

I would call NSW RMS. That's a curly one for sure.

91Tourer 24-12-14 07:01 AM

As far as im aware you will need registration for your boat and trailer, a boat licence for anything that travels faster than 10 knots and a fishing licence aswell, ahh nsw great place for revenue, wether you see RMS(waterways,maritime) is an unknown.

supazuk 24-12-14 07:10 AM


Originally Posted by Toddyh (Post 410521)
I would call NSW RMS. That's a curly one for sure.

Have spent 4 months trying to sort rego.
Goes like this.

(Me)I want to use my boat in Nsw.

(Rms) that's fine, interstate rego is recognised

(Me) I live in the NT and we don't have boat rules

(Rms) boat must be registered

(Me) how do I get rego?

(Rms) need nsw ID and a HIN

(Me) I don't have nsw ID as I live in the NT

(Rms) interstate rego is recognised

Repeat for 4 months. it has been fairly frustrating

supazuk 24-12-14 07:12 AM

Trailer is registered and a fishing permit is easy to get

Toddyh 24-12-14 12:20 PM

If they say interstate rego is recognised and you can't get rego in your state I'd say go for it. Carry proof of your and the boats address and you should be covered.

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