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dryzoned 26-08-14 03:51 PM

LPG problem with electrics - FIXED
Hi All,

after 2 years my intermittent LPG problem was solved. The car would play up and eventually not run at all on LPG under ~30'C. (You can image the expression I got on the faces of LPG mechanics.)

The short story: installation guys didnt solder the wires properly, in particular the ones to the battery for the LPG system. When hot the wires expanded and made good contact and therefor gave ample volts to the system. When cold, too much resistance, not enough volts, injectors didnt fire etc...

The connections were all shrink-wrapped and taped. It took a studious LPG guy in Lonsdale to work through the system for 4.5 hours. The previous replacement of injectors and the converter were expensive dead-ends at other LPG places ...

Happy now.

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