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fisherjez 28-01-11 08:06 AM

Installation of anchor points
Im looking at getting some anchor points installed for child restraints in the sear seats. Has anyone had this done? Where, how much?

Any advice is appreciated.

GlennR 28-01-11 08:51 AM

Hi Jeremy,
There are three anchor points behind the second row seats specifically designed for child seats. I would'nt risk mine in the very back (temporary) seats in case of a rear end. Just a thought.:o

Pajero_Pete 28-01-11 11:38 AM

Or are you talking the 3rd row seats ???

fisherjez 29-01-11 02:35 PM


My thoughts also, but since buying only 6 months ago and spending too much money on mods we have found out that we are expecting a 4th child! Makes things hard and running out of options but to otherwise sell.

Haven't even used it off road yet!

Yes am talking about the third row.

Rendrag 29-01-11 03:16 PM

Maybe silly question, but are the three existing kids ALL going to still be in a child restraint when the next bub comes along?

Remember that once they outgrow the child restraint, and go into a booster (whether that be by actually buying a dedicated booster seat to replace the restraint, or removing the H harness, and disconnecting the anchor strap from a convertible one (like the maxi-rider AHR's my wife and I have in our cars) and putting the seat belt over the child in the seat instead of through the back of the restraint), you no longer NEED an anchor point for that child.. - so if your eldest is into a booster seat by then, it just goes on one of the rear seats, your middle row has the three restraints, and you're all good :)

Just a thought :)

fisherjez 29-01-11 11:38 PM


Totally agree and understand what you are saying. Our oldest is 5 and can be in a booster cushion in the back (without a harness and therefore anchor point), but the others will require seats with inbuilt harnesses.

The problem lies with the lack of space for anything else if the seats are all up. Our intention was to have the back seat up with 2 restraints (or 1 restraint and the booster cushion) and the middle row with the quarter seat removed so we can store stuff (like the double stroller we will need to carry) in the space it was removed from.

The 2 other seats will go in the middle seat (second row).

Major problems????

Rendrag 30-01-11 07:29 AM

Ahhh, sorry, it didn't occur to me that your seats are laid out differently in the NS, than they are in the NJ! - We have a solid centre row seat, and then two fold-down rear seats, so we try to fill the centre row first :)

I guess talk to your local child-restraint place, they'll know what you can and can't do..

When I got the NJ, and discovered the factory restraints are above the rear door (so you can't USE the third row seats if you have restraints in the centre row! Plus you need stupidly long straps!), I headed straight down to our local bloke to get his thoughts.. Well, more to check that my thoughts were ok ;) - I probably have a bit more leeway than you, since the NJ came out before the 'new' restraint ADR came in, so it's not a case of 'use any extra possible locations shown in the manual, or get it engineered', it's just 'make sure mounting angles conform to the ADR'..

Given our commodore wagons have the anchor points *ON* the back of the seats, he said that gave precedent for putting new anchor points in, which are simply mounted to the main rear rail of the centre row seat. (Though he usually fabricated a rail which bolted to the floor behind the seat, and mounted them to that, as it's a MAJOR hassle to get the seat apart to the point that you can get a socket into the back of the seat rail..) It meant getting some BLOODY long hardened steel bolts, as that rail is 3" deep, but hooking restraints in now is much easier! And it means one less thing you have to un-hook if you need to slide the centre row forward!

And then (the easy one!), two holes drilled in the floor (carefully for the drivers side, as the tank is 2" below the floor there ;) ) behind the rear seats, and two anchor points put in there (using the large washers they come with on either side of the floor).

But yeah, our local fitting station was *really* helpful - When he initially thought it was newer than it is, he was going on about having to bring it back on the day of the week he has an engineer in for the morning to approve stuff, etc, and he'd need to do all the work, etc.. But once he found out it was an early 1994 model, he didn't seem to care that he wasn't going to get any work out of it because I was wanted to do it myself, he just grabbed a copy of the ADR and ran me through how things should to be mounted etc etc..

So yeah, I guess unless someone on here pipes up and has already gone through it, you'll probably need to find your local fitting station and see what they say?



fisherjez 04-02-11 07:10 AM

Thanks Damian for your info.

I will speak with kidssafe to find out who can advise me locally (if any) and will post info for others to use in the future if needed.

fisherjez 04-02-11 08:17 PM


Spoke with the authorized fitter today and his advice was that there is no way of legally (or for that matter illegally), installing anchor points for the rear seats in the NS Pajero.

So looks like we are looking for a people mover (Terago, Carnival, etc.) as another vehicle, not as a replacement :curse5[1]::censored[1]::curse5[1]::curse5[1]:. Any suggestions on people movers welcome (probably wrong site I know....).

Rendrag 04-02-11 08:33 PM

Wow, that wasn't quite the outcome I was expecting! I'd have thought they'd be able to engineer SOMETHING?!?! Or do the seats not conform to some requirement under the restraint anchorage ADR's? (minimum headroom, or angle of seat back or something??

I dunno, was expecting that there would be *some* way to install anchor points! :(

The folks over the road have a carnival, looks very nice, they fit a LOT in it.. - though it seems to spend at least three days a week with the bonnet up, so I'd look around and for reviews of them if you're looking at one :)



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