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osca4x4 28-03-11 07:13 PM

installed this today
was tired of the boreing cd/dvd with no screen so bought this and installed it today.

good bit of kit it is..

brianwanless 28-03-11 07:25 PM

Hi Osca, Looks like a good bit of gear. Does it fit in the same slot as the standard radio. Also does the screen retract back into the set, or is it visible all the time. Brian.

osca4x4 28-03-11 08:15 PM

its visible all the time as its a radio as well. it fits in the single din..

osca4x4 30-03-11 12:13 PM

bought and installed this bit of kit..

i love it, its an early birthday present from the wife...
now she wants one for her falcon...

Ian Sharpe 30-03-11 06:30 PM

hi mate, looks good.

can you check something for me. when you play songs from the usb drive or sd card (if it has one) does the unit return to the last song played if you power it off or does it go back to the first song??

Its a bit difficult to get these vendors to give me a guaratee on this, thanks

osca4x4 01-04-11 06:37 AM

it sure does. unless the usb or sd is removed or disconnected.

Blaknight 01-04-11 07:06 AM

How much was it?

osca4x4 01-04-11 07:10 AM

$178 including postage

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