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tnmason78 18-10-16 08:24 PM

Gearbox and transfer case from NM petrol manual to NP diesel manual
Hi all. I have a NP 3.2dsl 5 speed manual transmission which is making an unhealthy noise which is just getting worse. I took it to my mechanic who told me that the noise is coming from the transfer case and I needed a new transfer case or a secondhand one. I found one online but it's a NM and it's petrol. One of the wreckers that I rang said that it was possible but I have to remove and keep my current bell housing. Another two weren't sure. So I was hoping someone could tell me if it possible that a NM petrol 5 speed manual gearbox and transfer case would fit into my NP Diesel or would there be problems. Thanks in advance.

psproule 19-10-16 04:13 AM

The NM transfer case should bolt straight up to the back of the NP 5 speed. But the NM 5 speed wont bolt straight up to the 3.2 litre motor. Yes, the bell-housing will need to change, but I'd suggest the input shaft would also have to change as I believe it is longer on a diesel. I think the gear ratios might also be different. Early NM 5 speeds also had some problems with jumping out of gear. I'd be trying to source a new transfer and have the existing 5 speed checked over / new input shaft bearings, and probably a new output shaft (I'll bet the splines are almost worn off). Hard part will be sourcing a manual transfer case. Rare as can be and different to the auto.

Don't ask how I know all this.

tnmason78 19-10-16 01:06 PM

Thanks for that. I have already found a manual transfer case. The only thing is it's off of a NM (11/2000) v6 petrol. Wasn't sure if it mattered with my diesel (06/2004) or not. Both cars have manual gearboxes

psproule 19-10-16 05:55 PM

How many KM has the NM transfer done? The do stretch the chains and start jumping teeth eventually.

tnmason78 19-10-16 07:45 PM

It was reconditioned with the gearbox approximately 20000kms ago.

psproule 19-10-16 07:58 PM

Sweet. Should be good to go then!

tnmason78 04-11-16 08:52 AM

Hi all just to update. I had my mechanic put the reco transfer case in. He gave me a call to say I can pick the car up but I have to go back next week because the 4wd selector is changing on its own from 4h to 4hlc etc. At the moment he's just disconnected the 4wd somehow so that it is safe to drive in 2h. He thinks it might be electrical but is waiting on Mitsubishi to get back to him. Any ideas what electrical might cause this.

k100dennis 04-11-16 10:27 AM

Do you have your removed unit ? They appear to be easily rebuildable so someone would surely take it off your hands. 20,000 kms on a reco doesn't sound good though. Interesting to see what the problem is.

tnmason78 07-11-16 02:50 PM

My transfer case is out. The reco t/case is now in and is driving fine. I have to go back this week to find out why the new one is changing 4wd selection on its own.

The new t/case came out of a car that had a bent chassis from an accident. The car was still drivable but it wasn't worth fixing. So all the mechanical stuff was working fine.

tnmason78 28-12-16 03:17 PM

Just an update. It's been over a month now since I had the second hand t/case put in. Still as I drive I can hear a quiet winding type noise coming from down in the gearbox area. Not sure what it is but it doesn't sound quiet right. However I've just driven to Cairns (approx 1500kms) and seems to be the same as before I left. For peace of mind if I could do it again I would get one from another diesel Pajero or preferably get the original rebuilt.

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