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fatpants 23-04-13 02:32 PM

Review of EXTNIX 9" DVD Headrests
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Hey All

So bought twin 9" DVD Headrests from EXTNIX before the Easter holidays to keep the kids quiet on our drive to the outlaws farm. A little review follows below.

Firstly, EXTNIX service was great. Kept in touch with emails and PMs and goods were dispatched quickly and delivered to door via DHL.

The DVDs themselves are great, large touchscreen that is sensitive enough that it doesnt require any forced pressure on the screen to make things work. Screen is very bright and colours are good for a screen of that size and when not in use, they actually look like decent leather(ish) headrests.

They were advertised that they would play MP4 through a USB stick but alas they wont, but that is ok, I can just convert my existing mp4 files so they will play (Some of my girls favourite movies are already mp4)

I have currently only wired them to a dual 12 volt connection but I do plan to hardwire them in the future. I ran the cables down the inside of the seat and then everything is zip tied and tucked away nicely under the passenger seat. Comes with all cabling that is required for hardwiring as well.

Havent put the games disk in yet, probably because there is only one controller so I dont want to cause fights between the two of them :D

The headphones are ok without being great for sound quality. They arent adjustable enough though for my youngest and they fall off her head, so will be sourcing some other 'little kid size' ones soon.

All in all a very good product for the price.


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