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skeet182 26-09-16 01:07 PM

has anyone managed to download the ECU using MMC flash or ECU flash ?
Have a tactrix cable already and made some progress last night.

twisted32 26-09-16 02:18 PM

Have you found a def file to suit?
I would be very interested in this as I also have the cables etc that I have used to tune the road car.

skeet182 26-09-16 02:25 PM

Hi. I haven't found def files for ecu flash.

However I am 99 percent sure mmcflash supports the correct denso ecu for the gem 4 pajeros.

If the creator would respond to email I could confirm one hundred percent. It's a couple of hundred US dollars to buy but cheap if it does what I think it will

twisted32 26-09-16 06:00 PM

Well I will be interested to hear how you get on.

skeet182 26-09-16 06:53 PM

Yeh everyone is waiting for someone else to do it

Amish Warrior 01-12-19 01:19 AM

Did you have any luck with this? I too have a Tactrix 2.0 and a VAG-KKL to USB Cable (left over from my NHW10 Prius days) and am looking to play with/download the ECU ROM from my NX Pajero.

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