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HeavyPizzaz 22-08-18 04:38 PM

Underbody Protection - Factory Mounts in Pajero
Did a search on the forum via the Search and via Google too

Found this thread saying factory mounts on the Challenger have issues with aftermarket underbody protection

Anybody had cracked factory mounts on the standard Pajero after installing them?

oscaroo 22-08-18 04:43 PM

I have the boo plate ones.
They fit fine but tend to start squeaking after a bit. Soon I'm gonna take them off and put some rubber between the plate and the car to give it some flex and hopefully avoid squeaking.

rgrubby 22-08-18 06:24 PM

I'm glad you asked this. I am planning on putting some on too and just last night I discovered the cracked mount risk. Have you had that problem, or are you just weary of it? I'll be watching this thread with interest.

Pajshomoneroguntero 22-08-18 07:56 PM

What's the alternative, not putting them on? Then you're at great risk of cracking something expensive and critical to ensuring continued forward motion.

The intercooler is in the prime firing line and I wouldn't expect the factory plate (which I think is plastic IIRC) to offer any protection.

I've got the full set of Bushskinz and haven't cracked anything. I have however knocked one of the welded captive nuts free trying to plough through sand. Easily replaced with a Nutsert.

old Jack 22-08-18 11:04 PM

Gen 4 Pajero's have a monocoque construction and not a full chassis so they do not suffer from chassis flex therefore are less likely to crack bash plate mounts. However as others have said the welded captive nuts do break especially if rattle guns are used and the bolts are rusty. Steel Rivnut repairs seem to work and last well.


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