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YOLO 14-09-19 09:25 PM

Help with light bar install

Am trying to install a light bar to the Pajero and i cannot get it to work.

The light bar is a 20" from 4wdsupacentre. and the wiring loom i got from

Everything wired up as per wiring loom instructions but the light bar will not work.

What i have done/checked :

1. Fuse at relay - ok

2. Battery Voltage - 13.0v -13.8v with engine running

3. Light bar switch - on when HI-Beam is on

4. Light bar - Ok on idependent DC supply and car battery.

Is there anything else to check or have i blown anything?

Help / advice would be appreciated.

OH - I am using H9 - Piggy back adaptors to connect to Hi beam


Keithyv 14-09-19 09:56 PM

You’ll need to provide a diagram of what you’ve connected where.
Usually +ve from high beam trigger would go through a switch then to a relay. Relay then switches the high current feed to the load.
Is the earth good on the light bar?

NWDarwin 14-09-19 10:32 PM

Can you hear the relay switching on and off? Check voltages in and out of the switch and like Keithyv said check earths.

YOLO 15-09-19 07:27 AM

Diagram i do not have as it is a pre wired loom.

Check this -

Ground Wire / Black is connected directly to Battery.

Not too sure what you mean when you say light bar needs good earth. Light bar works on touching both pins to battery .

I have changed the relay as they first sent me a loom with the Connector broken. Luckily i did not send the loom back . Have tried that loom/relay as well and still no luck.


Keithyv 15-09-19 12:06 PM

Without a diagram that loom is just a bunch of wires and a relay so really tells us nothing.

The 2nd diagram here is really the simplest way to explain it.

wazznt 15-09-19 02:06 PM

So have you got your headlights lights on high beam ,driving lights shouldn't work in conjunction with low beam .
As asked previously does the led on switch light up and the relay click in ,if not its wired wrong.
Or dodgy piggy back connector possibly , you need to the check harness for polarity and connectivity with a multimeter.

NWDarwin 15-09-19 03:44 PM

It’s not a 24V relay is it?

Keithyv 15-09-19 06:05 PM

Is there power on the input to the relay? (Pin 30 on my earlier link)

YOLO 15-09-19 09:57 PM

Switch only comes on when high beam is on. No Cannot hear any clicking of the relay.

The wires to the relay are all in a sealed plug type of thing.

Maybe i will return the loom and make my own as it does not look too difficult to make.

thanks for all the suggestions

Allan2 15-09-19 10:59 PM

What I did was... The low current side of the relay (86,85) I wired to both wires that go to the headlight high beam, reason is the Pajero is wired with a switching to earth system to establish hi or low beam. On the high current side of the relay (30) goes to the battery through a fuse and terminal (87) goes to the light. The black wire from the light goes to earth, if the light wires are connected around the wrong way the light won't work. If you want to put a switch in so you can turn off the light bar place a switch on one of the wires coming from or to either terminals 86,85. Let us know how you go. This worked for me.

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