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Ian H 07-08-18 06:46 PM

Drivers side front window issue
Not a big issue yet but for some reason, when I go to raise the drivers side window, it only goes up in small stages and stops. I lift the window button again and it goes up some more and stops again. It takes several goes to raise it to the closed position and it only started happening today. I did have a power cord running through it for my fridge last night and raised the window to the top but it didn't seem to like the cord jammed in there and came down again. Not all the way, just a few cm. I tried doing it a few times with the same result so maybe I've upset the electronics somehow.

Any clues ?

sharkcaver 07-08-18 07:27 PM

I'd be more inclined to think somehow the window regulator or slides have been disturbed after squashing an extention cord in it, rather than an electrical issue. The window loaded up sideways and moved something in its mechanism. The up part way could be motor overload from a mechanism that now does not allow the glass to slide freely????

All the same, what a PITA.

Ian H 07-08-18 09:20 PM

The glass seems to slide ok and the increments it comes up in seem to be equal, or roughly equal anyway. My concern is that we are in WA and travelling so if the window stops working, it could be a problem

spot01 07-08-18 09:31 PM

I think the driver's window has an inbuilt safety feature to stop & reverse if it senses something (like a part of a person) caught in it. I think it is in the handbook?
I suspect you have inadvertently triggered this, but unsure why it hasn't simply reset.

Ian H 07-08-18 09:43 PM

That sounds plausible, it certainly stopped and reversed a few times when I had the cord in it.

Ian H 15-08-18 06:04 PM

Just in case anyone else reads this, the issue has resolved itself and the window works fine. I had all the windows down to air out the car and happened to raise both front windows together. The drivers window went straight up with the passenger side and has been fine ever since. :dunno[1]:

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