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sharkcaver 29-01-16 08:35 PM

Need a new smilie
Cause I just bought an auto and the current one is wrong



Pwoffey 29-01-16 08:42 PM

Fair enough. On the other hand, I have an auto but often as not I drive it in "manual". Note the existing smilie is cut off at the knees so we don't know if there's a clutch or not.
In any case, pretty soon, what with all the new driverless technology, we'll need a smilie with his hands clasped behind his head, really chillin out.:)

Alex86 29-01-16 09:59 PM

Nar that's just you shifting from park into drive :D

stevemc181 29-01-16 10:14 PM

Don't worry mate, when you are towing the Ulti around you'll be in manual mode anyway. Wait until you try the Auto on the beach, you'll love it!

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