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erad 09-08-18 03:39 PM

NW Pajero - Third Row Seats
It has been about 3 years since the third row seats were used in my Pajero. The grandies are coming next week and I decided to check it out before they got here. The rotten thing would not come up! I go the owners handbook out and it simply gives a diagram showing the you raise the feet on the seat and then simply lift it up and rotate it forward until the feel latch into place.

Well, the rotten thing would not move. I could get it about 100 mm up but something was holding it from going any further. All my strength (not very much these days...) could not budge it. I checked and nothing seemed to be jamming the seat assembly from lifting. Eventually I got a crowbar and put a timber beam across the floor forward of the third row seat bay and levered away. It took all my strength with twice the moment arm before something made a noise and the seat then came up normally. Still nothing obvious seen to cause it to jam. Operation is now normal and nothing appears to be broken.

Has anyone here had similar problems with their Pajero third row seats?

HeavyPizzaz 09-08-18 04:22 PM

You didnít leave a small child in there 3 years ago when folding it up did ya? That would probably obstruct the mechanism..

Seigried 09-08-18 04:35 PM

Yup me.

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erad 09-08-18 10:38 PM

Seigfreid: Thank you for your comments. I shall check for loose pins tomorrow. I had a look at the hinges, but not in the detail you have shown - I was trying to get the damned seat out, but to do that you first have to raise it above the floor, which is what I couldn't do...

erad 10-08-18 05:43 PM

I checked the hinges today and could find nothing that looked out of place on either side. I guess that I will have to check it more often.

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