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Nobby1994 19-09-19 10:32 PM

Need help!!
Who knows where to get an NJ glx front drivers side guard, massive dent in mine and there getting extremely rare. (western suburbs of vic if possible)
There the non blister glx guards sorry for that mix-up
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disco stu 29-09-19 11:20 AM

I believe there were panels available from China, as they were making the gen2 under licence a long time after Mitsubishi stopped. Myself I'm not sure on differences between panels on gen 2, so might not help

spot01 29-09-19 11:43 AM

Unsure in Vic. In SA, I'd ask Eddy Wreckers @ Gillman - they are very helpful & do ship parts.

Drewan 29-09-19 06:04 PM

Stupid Question but are we absolutely certain that the front guards are different ? I was convinced the doors were different but bolted one off a LWB straight on mine.

aussieintas 29-09-19 06:53 PM

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NH, NJ and NK the same along with NL non blister guards. The NL with blister guards are different.

Pics below show the blister and non blister front guard NL models.

Drewan 29-09-19 07:12 PM

Thats what I thought everyone gets all bent out of shap with the panic that SWBs are different panels and parts. Only difference Ive found to date are tail shaft length , exaust length ,and the back half of the body. And an entire 1" of wheelbase

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