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jimiw 27-12-17 04:12 PM

Dual towball/bike carrier hitch
Hi guys,

anyone know a good dual towball and bike carrier hitch? was hoping for a Hayman reece but they dont seem to make them.

There are mister hitches ones anyone used these? Only seem to have 2750 kg limit which I guess is fine for the challenger anyway doubt ill find a 3000kg one

also if they are any good any need for the adjustable ball part height? or would standard be fine for challenger....I haven't towed much before and don't have anything specific to tow atm

02-SR5 28-12-17 06:46 AM

I didn't know there was a 2 in one hitch?

Why not fit a bike rack that allows the trailer to hitch to the same ball too?

AshesWA 28-12-17 11:50 AM

I think Grisport in Melbourne do something like what you're after to work with a Reece style hitch. Not cheap but they're engineered and manufactured locally; best bike racks on the market.

whynot 28-12-17 02:09 PM

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Hi jimiw, I have a used reprac 3 bike carrier for sale. Base plate goes under towball. Ended up needing a 4 bike rack.

jimiw 31-12-17 06:39 AM

I already have the bike carrier hence wanting a hitch with the dual slots.

the mister hitches ones seem good just don't know if anyone here has used them and only about $100 for the fixed ball and $200 for the adjustable ball height.

Pajero12 31-12-17 06:44 AM

Is there a way that you can weld a sleeve on to your trailer, either on the back or the front that will accept the bike carrier? That way you will still have access to your boot, and it would be relatively easy to swap over if you were going to drop the trailer and take the bikes... Also a free storage spot when you're not using at home :)

jimiw 17-01-18 10:28 AM

Possibly, but the carrier swings down to clear the boot anyway

CC2005 17-01-18 09:28 PM

Google Yakima. Yakima had some reasonable racks, I got one that can carry 4 bikes and it swings down.


jimiw 24-01-18 03:50 PM

yeah I don't need the rack, have a 4 way one that swings out of the way perfectly fine....just looking for a decent hitch that has the double adapter for the bike carrier. Don't have a trailer will just be borrowing a friends so welding another bracket onto that isn't an option.

anyone used the mr hitches ones?

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