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Turorit 01-02-20 12:20 PM

Gen4 NW Yet another 'card holder switches' thread
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I thought I'd do something a little different with my card holder. After having an NJ with a million ARB carling switches and other gadgets, I'm trying to keep the NW a little tidier.

Whilst pulling apart the dash to fit Vlad's TC Loom Mod, I modified the card holder to accept 6x 12v rocker switches. Same style as these but I bought them on eBay, 10x for $13. I ordered red but ended up with blue, oh well.

For the pocket, I attempted to design & 3D print a bracket using TinkerCAD. I'm hopeless with 3D design but it kinda worked. I had to drill out the holes and file the back corners as the factory pocket tapers inwards. It was faster for me to do that, than redesign & reprint. With a bit of pushing & shoving, it fit!
Attachment 43114Attachment 43116Attachment 43117

The 'card holder' was cut with a hacksaw and then filed until I could fit 2 switches in horizontally. I also needed to file the short ends of the switch to make them fit. I made a quick backing plate from some scrap wood & painted it black, then hot glued the lot into place.
These two operate the traction control.
Attachment 43118
Now I have 6 hidden switches[1].gif

Attachment 43119Attachment 43120

At this stage they will probably operate HID spotlights, maybe a light bar, rear & side worklights.

Hope this helps someone else with their build!

Herman4x4 01-02-20 01:34 PM

Looks good.

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Seigried 01-02-20 07:06 PM

I like that. Looks good

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