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Peterng 21-08-20 03:32 PM

Westprints Maps
I ordered a paper map of Outback NSW from Westprints..
Yeh I know.
Why still use "paper"?
Many people have stat nav, Hema's and whatever jammed into ever nook and cranny on the vehicles dash...which have made the paper map a bit..yesterdays' fish n chip paper..
Well, I like getting a paper map out..unfolding it, flopping it on the bonnet...and pointing out to the those gathered around....:where here and we are going there!!"
Enough said...
Anyway...Westprints sent me the wrong map and not the map that I had ordered..
I sent them a email..saying I would send back the "wrong map" and they (Westprint) could send me the correct map that I originally ordered.
I got this reply from Westprints this morning.

Hi Peter,

My apologies for this error. It is clearly my mistake so please keep the NSW map you received (and save yourself the return postage) and I will send the Outback NSW map in todays mail.

Sorry for this inconvenience.


Top mob to do business with...

Ian H 21-08-20 06:16 PM

That's excellent customer service. I support them too, as well as having Ozi Explorer on a tablet.

Pajaru 29-08-20 05:48 PM

Excellent Service. A lot of Aussie business think of customers as a Spanish pajero.

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