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MM4X4 21-11-17 08:59 PM

Introducing MM 4x4
Hello, and welcome to MM 4x4.
Visit our web site at

As a long time forum member (m_and_m) since 2010, we've been Pajero enthusiasts and off-grid 4x4 adventurers for quite some time.

This forum has been an inspiration, and proves what a community of liked minded people can achieve. There are so many threads with priceless information and advice, DIY solutions, and great people too.

So what is MM 4x4?

As an engineer by profession I like to make things better, and I have pride in my work. Joining my love for 4wd'ing, caravanning and getting off-grid and into remote places is the passion that fuels our product ideas.

MM 4x4 products are developed with a simple philosophy:

Each MM 4x4 product is either designed to solve a problem, or just make your driving experience better or safer. Carefully considered, and skilfully designed, developed and tested.

So what's our product range?
  • Paddle-mate: Our launch product adds automated control to the paddle shift kit developed by fellow enthusiast nj_swb. 'Flappy' paddles for the NS+ Pajero. Available now from our web-site.
  • Lockup-mate: Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) lockup kit that protects the transmission from high temperatures and reduces your fuel consumption - and what's unique is it's fully automated using vehicle status read from the OBD2 port. There is no need to manually press the lockup switch to activate or deactivate. Simple. easy. effective.
  • Auto-mate: Ultimate TCC lockup kit that also changes gears to ensure the TCC can remain locked up. Ideal for worry free towing or when using in DRIVE mode up steep hills in low range. The PB/PC challenger version will also optimise the transmission shift points for better fuel ecconomy.

    Future products..maybe:
  • Tyre-mate: automatic tyre inflation and deflation. Connect tyre-mate to you compressor and let it inflate or default your tyres to your chosen pressure - just like you're at your local service station.
  • Pajero-mate: Get access to proprietary CANBus information for display on your OBD2 reader (e.g. Scan-gauge, TorquePro app, or Ultra-gauge). Great features such as display your steering wheel angle when in sand, TCC lockup status, the current gear whilst in DRIVE, or turn the EGR off
And the 4WD-mate products will network together to be expandable.

Currently vehicle models supported are Pajero NS-NX and Challenger.
Future? Triton then Toyotas

Our Vision
Clever and innovative products that will enhance your 4WDing and touring experience!

Our Mission
  • Design products that are easy and intuitive to use
  • Solve real problems
  • Provide DIY installation - detailed instructions to save you money
  • High quality, value for money products
  • Maximise Australian content
  • Provide excellent sales service, and support

visit our web site at and subscribe to receive updates as products are developed and released.

old Jack 21-11-17 10:36 PM

Can we add "Traction-Mate" to get the Challenger and Tritons traction control system to work at low speeds and promptly.


m_and_m 22-11-17 06:58 AM


Originally Posted by old Jack (Post 568442)
Can we add "Traction-Mate" to get the Challenger and Tritons traction control system to work at low speeds and promptly.


Hi OJ, yes, I had it on the list originally but didn’t have a good name for it so it got relegated to the ‘plus more....” category.
Traction-mate works :)

Gus 22-11-17 07:16 AM

Well done & good luck with it all :clap2[1]:

Dicko1 22-11-17 08:06 AM

Good stuff. Great to see initiative that will help fellow Paj owners. :clap2[1]:

geopaj 22-11-17 10:41 AM

Sounds great!

I have been looking for a ‘Tyre-mate” product for a while.

And, as you know, I’v also been dreaming about a Pedal-mate type solution.

Drjohn11 22-11-17 10:44 AM

Well done, very happy with my Paddle-mate and looking forward to Auto-mate :drive[1]:


nj swb 22-11-17 06:47 PM

That's an impressive development pipeline - that should keep you busy for a while. :clap2[1]:

What will you be testing in January? :)

Pickle 25-11-17 07:16 PM

Great to have you on board :clap2[1]:, both you and Scorpro have done some impressive work on developing these products for us Pajero drivers.
Love my paddles and PaddleMate :beer[1]:

Gusey 30-11-17 06:54 AM

Put me down for an Auto Mate when they are up for sale, looking forward to this for sure.

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