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cruisn06 07-08-20 01:19 AM

Night shots went well. These were my favorites by far, Photos by Bakerboy, edits by me.


cruisn06 23-08-20 07:14 PM

We are headed up North in 2 weeks so I figure we should run the roof rack this round so we get an awning too. not a bad score from supercenter, 550 to my door for the rack and a 2.5x2.5 awning. Got it all installed and ready to roll. Its only gotta last 1 trip really.

cruisn06 24-08-20 10:17 PM

Got around to putting in tough dog 41mm foam cells shocks in it today for the drive. Also dropped it back to 11psi of boost and almost factory fueling, If I am going bush I'll detune for reliability and fuel economy. it was at 12.5L per 100 last trip, it should be back to 10.4 if all goes well.

cruisn06 01-10-20 03:41 PM

Missed maintenance completed. rear wheel bearings where giving me grief. the corrugations pushed them just a bit to far. plus almost 300k.

Old bearings where toasty hot:

Now it tows like a dream (always had) lol

cruisn06 12-10-20 09:57 PM

Well wagon goes away soon, but not before a new windshield. I copped a rock up north.

sill still looking clean as.

And as a bonus I got married, so she did the wedding car duties. Looking sharp

Nab 12-10-20 10:54 PM

I bet that's the first PAj used as a wedding car!! Congrats!!

paceman 13-10-20 06:11 AM


Originally Posted by Nab (Post 643351)
I bet that's the first PAj used as a wedding car!! Congrats!!

When my sister got married in august, we used 3!

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Nab 13-10-20 05:46 PM

Haha, maybe itís the new trend

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