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TC.Barky 30-09-14 06:16 PM

TC.Barky's NW Buildup Thread
Hey all,

Thought I'd chronicle the buildup of my NW. Will keep adding to this thread as more stuff gets around to being done.

At this early stage the plan is to have it built up as a 'tough tourer' as 4WD action would put it. That is, comfortable enough to drive long distance and live out of for long trips but capable enough for most weekend runs.


Currently fitted (click the links to jump to that post):
- Mickey Thompson STZs 265/65R17 (stock size)
- MM Towbar
- Scangauge II
- EGR Modification from SPV Industries
- Intercooler, Sump, Transmission and Transfer Bash Plates from Bushskinz 4x4
- RAM Mounts
- Opposite Lock Premium Post Bar (Black)
- Dual Batteries (CTEK CTD250S)
- Roof Racks (Rhino Track Mounts with 3x Rhino HD Crossbars)
- ARB Side Awning (2.5M) currently removed
- ARB Simpson Roof Top Tent removed
- Modified traction control to still work with the factory rear locker engaged
- Icom IC-400PRO UHF w/ RFI CDQ5000 antenna (5dB)
- TJM Airtec Snorkel
- Ultimate Suspension 50mm lift. Twin tube Aussie Ryder Shocks/struts and Lovells HD springs
- Roleys Rear Bar Protector
- Insect Protection
- Tyredog TD2000A
- Autosafe Half Cargo Barrier (with fitment instructions in post)
- Custom Drifta Vertical Drawer System with Fridge Box and ARB 47L Fridge/Freezer
- Dirty Gear/Rubbish saddle bags for the spare wheel carrier
- Winch
- Compressor Mounted
- Optima D34 Yellow Top Battery Fitted

On Order

- Driving lights/light bar
- Extended Breathers
- Rock Sliders/Heavy Duty Steps
- Larger tyres (won't be for a while)
- Long range fuel tank (once the wife has to smell diesel in the cab it'll happen :D)
- Rear Bar (probably will never happen)


Here it is at the dealership, just after I first laid eyes on it (can you tell I'm chuffed?). Had it delivered with the STZs, towbar and weather shields as well as electronic rust protection (fitted as part of a protection package, didn't even know it was being fitted until I took delivery).

After bringing it home, did a side by side with my old NL (must admit was nice having two pajeros!).

TC.Barky 30-09-14 06:16 PM

First mod installed was the scangauge II. Great little device that is relatively inexpensive in the scheme of things. I'm a bit of a gadget man so I love being able to accurately monitor so many things and the speedo correction function is great, I find I don't look at the factory speedo much at all anymore.

TC.Barky 30-09-14 06:17 PM

Next modification was the 4 main Bushskinz plates which I did on the weekend after buying it. Look how clean that undercarriage is!

I'd be extremely hesitant going 4wding without the intercooler/sump guards, particularly without some form of lift (in fact I will now be strongly recommending people do not come out without them on all future trips I run). Transmission and transfer I bought just for that extra peace of mind.

TC.Barky 30-09-14 06:18 PM

Following this I fitted up the EGR modification from SPV industries. This was a very quick install and very easy to keep neat and hidden away (even for someone like me!). Thus far it works as advertised and I don't have any major complaints. Didn't take any pictures as I went unfortunately but here is a shot of where it is located in mine. I believe there is a more user friendly version available now that is more plug and play, but this is still doing the job great.

TC.Barky 30-09-14 06:18 PM

Next I gave my interior a bit of a makeover. First step was unplugging those annoying seat belt beepers!

Next I stuck a set of 12V ports with double sided outdoor mounting tape to the side of the console. I did this in the NL and the only time it ever came off was when I took it off to pull apart the console, was very solid otherwise. This will be cleaned up a bit soon, I'm thinking when I have the dash apart to fit the UHF I'll splice the cable in behind the console so the 4-way adaptor isn't plugged in to the 12V port in the console.

Next step for the interior was fitting up my RAM mounts. I'm running a phone holder (X-Grip) with a long arm suction cupped to the windscreen, a tablet holder mounted to the passenger seat rail and a cradle for my SPOT tracker that gets stuck on when I'm on a trip (or if I'm feeling lazy, sometimes it just stays there :o)

Sorry the photo is a bit blurry, it's the only one I've taken of the interior setup.

TC.Barky 30-09-14 06:19 PM

Today I had my latest addition, a Premium Post Steel Bullbar from Opposite Lock. This was fitted up in Melton and I gotta say they did a damn fine job. I only gave them less than a days notice but they sourced the bar very promptly and fitting took less than 5 hours. So far I can't fault the fit either, looks very neat. Very very pleased I've got a bullbar on, feels like I'm driving a 'real' 4WD again :drive[1]: :lol9[1]:

Only issues I can come up with are that when a bullbar is fitted the panel below the headlights becomes very weak, there's not much that can be done about that I suppose but it flexes if you press on it. I imagine this is the same with all bullbars that are bumper replacements. There are also these gaping holes for a winch both at the top and where the fairlead would sit where I reckon a rock could potentially drop into and damage the rad/intercooler. OL are chasing this up for me at the moment (waiting to hear back) because they reckon there is some kind of blanking panel to cover the holes when not in use.

Pickle 30-09-14 07:02 PM

Excellent work mate, she's coming up a real treat .

TC.Barky 30-09-14 07:11 PM


Originally Posted by Pickle (Post 395196)
Excellent work mate, she's coming up a real treat .

Cheers Dave, still got a long way to go.

Herman4x4 30-09-14 07:16 PM

Looking good.
Had a mate have OL in Melton fit some stuff to his jeep. Did good work and knew what they were talking about.

Corker 30-09-14 07:24 PM

Hey TC,
Looks great, giving me some ideas! :clap2[1]:

Mine gets fitted out Thursday, the only difference will be the Bar (ARB Deluxe), Bushskinz steps and Airtec snorkel will be fitted.

A lot of the gear is the same, which is no surprise as you gave me some sound advice a month back.

Looking forward to the rest of the build.

Still up for a trip to Lerderderg quarry?

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