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tbrain 25-07-15 06:06 PM

Wiring colours for non-standard radio upgrades (NM Pajero)
I’m posting this for anyone else needing to upgrade from a non-Mitsubishi radio – where the standard connector has been removed!!

As many other posts have commented, wiring colours vary between models, and detailed circuit diagrams are omitted from Service Manuals. So I’ll start with the three wires in the NM Exceed radio harness that seem (from other posts) to be omitted from the main radio socket in a standard Mitsubishi:

Aerial control: white/ green** (with some issues outlined below)
(Aerial stepping: black/green)
Amp control: pink (for cars with a premium audio option)

My upgrade was from a Sony DSX-A50BT to a EONON (Extnix) Android 4.4. The previous installer had replaced the Mitsi connector with the Sony equivalent ... and a bird’s nest of crimped cable joins. Fortunately for me, the Sony pinouts were easily found online, and I had the ISO pinouts and a Mitsubishi-ISO adaptor harness. So I cut the Sony harness free by including 1cm of each Mitsi cable, for easier preparation of this list – which needed much help from my colour consultant:

NM harness ISO pin
12V battery red/black B6
Accessory switch light blue B4
Dash lights green/white B7
Speakers: FR+ white/red A2
FR- black/red A6
FL+ white/blue A3
FL- black/blue A7
RR+ grey/red A1
RR- yellow/red A5
RL+ yellow/green A4
RL- grey/blue A8

I then cut the Mitsubishi plug from the ISO adaptor harness and crimped a male bullet plug (insulated) onto each wire. Then got back into the dash to crimp a female bullet socket only each Mitsi wire. I later made up two 15cm “extension cables” for the shorter wires.

** As mentioned by several other posters, aerial control was a pain, but possibly because I was looking for it to operate in sync with the radio being selected or not. I ended up settling for good-enough: white/green connected to the EONON’s dedicated “illumi” wire (non-ISO) which carried sufficient voltage to operate the aerial with the lights on or off. That makes the aerial stay up whenever the Android OS is alive (not just while the box is powered on).

Black/green also operated the aerial, but in a stepping fashion. So it got taped over.

Many thanks to those forum dwellers who posted their findings re aerial or the relocation of aircon controls – you legends!

christianungapen 01-07-19 01:12 AM

Hey mate I. Stuck on my nm exceed can't seem to get any sound I admit the double din unit is unknown of origin it fires up but no sound

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