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Gus 11-02-15 09:39 AM

Recall released: 2007 to 2014 Pajero 3.2L Diesel
Notifications will go out to customers next week.
Timing Chain replacement.

Contact your local Mitsubishi Dealer for full details.

As soon as we have the Recall notice it will be added here


Stoneman 11-02-15 10:21 AM


mr_bosman 11-02-15 10:41 AM

Thanks Gus :clap2[1]:

Axis 11-02-15 11:34 AM

Thanks Gus. I have called MMA and updated my details against the VIN so I will receive any notifications.


PaulF 11-02-15 11:57 AM

My dealer confirmed and I have mine booked in for the 23rd of this month

72yellow 11-02-15 11:57 AM

Good news & assume will / has to cover all owners regardless of warranty status?

Silverfox 11-02-15 12:30 PM

Called the dealer and they confirmed my Paj is part of the recall.

A few other things they mentioned.
There is a process that MM will proved the dealers to follow in order to assess if your timing chain and tensioner will be changed.
Sounded like there are parameters that will have to be met in order for any parts to be changed.

So, in other words you are not guaranteed of having the chain or tensioner replaced unless it fails the "parameters" set by MM.

That's what I was told.

Pwoffey 11-02-15 12:37 PM

I was told the same as Silverfox. My NW was booked for its 30k service next Wednesday. The service staff told me that the timing chain would be "assessed" at that time and if there was a problem they would keep the vehicle in the shop to do the business. They mentioned it would take 14 hours, so I suppose that'd be a good 2 days (on top of the 30k service).

Thanks for the heads up Gus.


Paj People 2009 11-02-15 12:48 PM

Thanks for the info Gus.

Do we need to have it inspected regardless of whether we receive a notice?

Bad timing - am off towing the van down to Forster this Sat on hols!


Gus 11-02-15 01:08 PM

This is all the information we have at this stage. Always best to speak directly with your dealer.

I'm sure if your vehicles are effected by the recall Mitsubishi will be there for you ;)

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