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alister 22-05-12 01:59 PM

NT dashboard rattles
I have a rattle in the dashboard I can't find. It sounds like rain on the windscreen so I'm guessing it's glass or plastic related. Sounds like it's coming from the left hand side, but the little woman thinks it may be more toward the middle. So I'll settle for between the driver and the left corner.

I've had the glovebox out and stuffed foam everywhere I can find. Same for the centre air vents and the computer readout. Still got it and have no idea now. Only done 15000kms.

The dealer says he will take the dash apart bit by bit, but finishes the offer with the comment 'but do you really want to open a can of worms?'.

If anyone has any experience with dash rattles or has any suggestions I'd really appreciate your comments.

dan_rocks 22-05-12 02:11 PM

Lucky for me, my NP doesn't rattle. but I can imagine it would drive you crazy.
As per the supercheap add, check the ashtray for your wifes earings, before you start pulling things apart.

eman 22-05-12 03:34 PM

Have you tried pressing on certain bits of the interior to try and isolate it?

I've got 3 annoying rattles after 105,000km
- Glovebox which is probably something inside it
- Front console underneath the coin holder thing, stuck some foam in there and that seems to have quietened down
- Drivers side the plastic trim pieces near the door, either dash or lower half

marquis 22-05-12 05:29 PM

You are going to have to remove all the main panels from the upper and lower middle dash/console area (ie clock down to the cig plug area)

I recommend using the workshop manual to guide you for removal procedure

Then a heap of foam tape around anything that rattles prior to reinstalling (eg switches, mounting brackets, etc)

markpeh 22-05-12 05:31 PM

my mmcs rattles...

David Anderson 22-05-12 06:24 PM

Also check in front of the fire wall in the engine bay.
(not easy on the move.;))
I've had a loose mount on the air cleaner that sounded like it was in the dash.


Originally Posted by alister (Post 214542)
The dealer says he will take the dash apart bit by bit, but finishes the offer with the comment 'but do you really want to open a can of worms?'.

My dealer re secured the jack in the back on mine when I told them the back door was thumping again.
Last time they couldn't fix it either, but a local mechanic sorted it in about 2 minutes.
Makes me wonder what my warranty is worth seeing the dealer wont extend mine to the 5 years..


Warren1967 23-05-12 09:44 AM

I've had them since new and they drive me nuts (sick of trying to get them to fix them)! Hope when they finally do a new model they lift the quality of materials, matching colours and workmanship!

bro 23-05-12 10:10 AM

try de geear stick pastic on top of it is rateling in my just put my tumb over it and it stops so I can listen for other ratels

marquis 23-05-12 12:18 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Some diagrams attached.

You do not have to remove everything shown - but I recommend (after other items) items 23, 24, 25, 26

I thought the MMCS rattled but it was other items around it...

alister 23-05-12 01:01 PM

Thanks so far guys, but no-one has anything new to date. Here's what I've done so far.

Firstly I headed to Clark Rubber and bought an assortment of sticky rubber and sticky foam strips. Got a bit of everything just in case.

Glovebox aka the plastic from hell: There seems to be three areas in this little gem. The lid itself tends to rattle on the catchs so I stuck foam on the sides to put pressure on the left and right catches. That helped. The hinges rattle so a little non-slip mat (the stuff that's about a mm thick) wrapped around the hinges tightend that up. That helped. Lastly the thing on the right that makes the lid open slowly may have been a problem as well. A little 6mm foam between it and the left side, pushed back to the end, while the glovebox lid was out to do the hinges. That was the end of the glove box rattles.

Centre console: I could hear the top of the centre console, around the gear knobs, creaking and groaning when I had it apart to put the uhf in. It all unscrews from underneath, so spread it out on the table and stuck thin sticky foam strips (about 2mm that squashes to almost nothing) between the base and the cover until no funny sounds left. That took care of that.

I do sometimes think the lid on the centre console rattles a little, note that someone else did a good writeup on that, but haven't attacked it yet.

That was that for a while, now a new rattle is doing its best to annoy the hell out of me. It sounds to be deep in the dashboard. I've taken the entire glove box and surround out to stuff foam around everything I can reach. Similarly, the centre vents and the computer readout have been out, more foam and a little blood went in. There was nothing obvious loose, screws, clips, cables etc. I even rammed a little foam between the air ducts.

So far it has me buggered.



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