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sharkcaver 15-10-19 12:04 PM

Trimming the hedgerow
An 8 day, 1800Km solo trek through the Wheatbelt and Western Goldfields.

Some exciting news to hand:

My first article on geotouring will be published in WA's premier 4wd magazine: Western 4W Driver, issue #113. Published in December. Go grab yourself a copy.

And come on down to the Perth 4WD and Adventure show where I take the stage at the fourbie forum at 1130am on both the Saturday and Sunday where I will discuss finding treasure in the bush. If you pass by, come say g'day.

Here's the first instalment of the trip:

1533rl 15-10-19 08:26 PM

Trimming hedgerow !
Sorry mate but would you do a video your presentation please, 11.30pm is way past bedtime in my senior years !!

Assume you would be on at 11.30AM . Damn typo's

Well done on the publishing gig and great video too.

Cheers, Peter

greybeard 16-10-19 09:48 AM

I thought the title 'Trimming the Hedgerow' was a family friendly way of mentioning that you'd had a Brazilian :smiley_watchout[1]: :lol9[1]:

sharkcaver 16-10-19 10:05 AM

ooops, I work daily with 24 hour time, but it confuses most people so I revert back to a 12hr clock for the masses. Obviously, the 12 hr clock confuses me too :beer[1]:

1130am is correct.

GB, there is hedge trimming coming in part III and a Brazillian coming in part II - me jocks needed a wash.

DGM 16-10-19 09:16 PM

Another great video. Very interesting wall formation around the rocks to channel the water into the tank. You certainly had your fair share of flies on the trip. Regards Duncan

sharkcaver 16-10-19 10:22 PM

The engineering on those rocks is fantastic hey. Lots of rocks here have that to channel water for storage.

erad 17-10-19 07:02 AM

Looking at the tank from the drone view, it is massive indeed. The roof looks rather sad though. Was there any useable water in the tank? I imagine that with all those holes and the sunlight getting in, the water may be less than potable.

Aspey 17-10-19 09:47 AM

Well done on getting your article published. Look forward to watching your latest trip.

Garc 17-10-19 10:14 AM

A couple of us were there on Sunday! Water not potable but sign says it is used for agric - spray water etc. the wall is complete and clearly maintained. It was a “susso” unemployment project in the late 1930s.

sharkcaver 24-10-19 12:00 PM

The trip continues. Starting off with the inaugural Sharkcaver guided tour and ending up at a very special spot, one I haven't been to in 8 years.

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