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alchemysa 27-08-10 10:18 PM

NH Front disc rotors.
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Hello everyone. I hope you don't mind a Croweater joining the party. I thought I'd introduce myself and mention I recently replaced the front disc rotors on my 92 NH. (300,000 ks). Price was $65 each so it pays to shop around. (Size was 276x24mm) Can't remember the brand but they feel fine and they'll probably outlast me.

The NH is stock standard. (I prefer my vehicles that way.) The timing belt busted at about 290,000ks. (It had been on since about 120,000 ks). Fortunately no damage was done and it seems to run as well as ever. I also replaced the water pump at the same time. The hardest part was gettting the air conditioner bracket out of the way. The belt and pump both came from ebay. I also replaced the ECU recently. Its been on the blink since I stupidly removed and replaced the air sensor while the engine was running. The engine is getting a bit tired now so I fill it with 'low smoke' oil for high mileage vehicles. It makes a difference. Overall its been a great car. Plenty of 4WDriving but nothing too strenuous. The suspension rubbers underneath need replacing soon as I'm getting a few clunks.

Prior to this I had an 84 'Superwagon' with over 400,000 faultless Ks on the clock. (What a great bus that was! The only problem ever was that the fuel pump packed up - in my driveway.)

I also have a Sierra at the shack. In this pic its wearing F100 rims and old 15" tyres off the Pajero.


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