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m_and_m 16-09-20 09:52 AM

Transmission lockup kits for Triton
Hi All,
Expanding on the Pajero lockup kits, we have just released both auto-mate and lockup-mate for the MQ Triton. We also have kits for the MN 5 speed.
Here is how it all started on this forum 3 years ago.

A transmission lockup-kit is a must if you either tow, or have 33" tyres. Locking the torque converter clutch prevents the torque converter from slipping. This slip generates significant amounts of heat with the extra load of towing or with larger tyres (and overheating is a major cause of expensive transmission rebuilds).
You'll also get 10%+ fuel savings and more power to the road.

Our lockup kits also transform the feel of your vehicle, giving you instant responsiveness and removing that slush-box feel of the gear box. You'll see what gear is engaged even in DRIVE mode. No more transmission limp mode in the MN's when towing.

Learn more at our web site or videos at Youtube, or checkout the link above for forum member reviews.

Cheers Marshall

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