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Dicko1 17-06-20 08:19 AM

Beach Driving and Quicksand
Found an intereseting article on the ABC news site about the dangers of beach travel. Well worth a read..

Pwoffey 17-06-20 09:28 AM

Yeah Dicko, I saw that story too, a timely reminder. In March we were on the west coast of Tassie, just before the COVID-19 closures, and we started to do the run from Temma south to Sandy Cape. Got to the Thornton River, it was probably a bit too wide and deep for a safe crossing anyway, but I did a bit of a trial wade into the stream near the outlet and very quickly found myself in extremely soft sand that had me well up my knees before I knew it, with no end in sight. Retreated very quickly and awkwardly, and pointed the vehicles back for a nice picnic on the coast back towards Temma. I could easily see how that terrain might swallow a 4WD with no possibility of recovery.

erad 17-06-20 09:35 AM

Now that is SCARY. To swallow a horse! I don't like driving on sand at the best of times, but this convinced me not to do it - at least on the West Coast of Tasmania.

Dicko1 17-06-20 10:01 AM

Driven on soft white sand a few times and some ordinary sand beaches when having to get to remote coastal aboriginal communities. Got bogged a few times but airing down got me out. Dont particularly like sand driving. Quicksand is a whole new world though. The clip is indeed a timely reminder of just how dangerous wet sand can be. Think I,ll stick to the hard roads of North Queensland. Wonder how,d you go for insurance as well.

El_Freddo 13-09-20 12:00 PM

Insane! I never knew this existed in Australia. Thanks for sharing Dicko!

On the contrary to others, I love sand driving but am yet to do it in the Pajero - it’s coming soon though! My Subi loves the sand unless it’s super soft and we’re geared up for touring. If we were day tripping it’s pretty sweet.

Locals know best - always good to listen to them!



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